About Us

Direct Communications Group, LLC is made up of a team of committed professionals that are dedicated to delivering results at cost effective rates.

Your business will gain greater exposure with our customer-focused marketing services: Our Business is Simply Helping You Build Yours(SM).

Our Mission

Our purpose is to create, deliver and maintain effective lines of communication on behalf of our clients that build and foster productive business relationships.

Our Vision

Direct Communications Group, LLC is a leader in the mass communications industry. We are an efficient, professional organization staffed at all levels with highly skilled team members who are committed to the product of excellence.

Direct Communications Group, LLC was birthed from a vision that came to our founder understanding the value of business operators and organizations maintaining open lines of communications with their customers. He understood that when businesses build and foster strong relationships with their customers, they better position themselves for repeat business and the attraction of new customers.

One of the primary keys to building that strong relationship is through effective communications; this is what we provide. Many business operators and organizations are primarily focused on their operation and in many cases working diligently just to meet labor budgets.

With their time being so limited, they don’t have the time to create and maintain strategic customer communications and marketing strategies. We provide these services for our clients at an affordable rate and the great thing is that our services virtually pay for themselves many times over.

Our Founder:

Our founder, Timothy Stewart is a veteran of the United States Air Force. After attending New York University for Business Management, he began his professional career in the restaurant industry in management and then moved into the corporate world joining IBM. With over 25 years experience in business management, marketing and customer service, he brings the discipline and the “process for success” mentality to our organization and yours. He also understands and is very passionate that team work win in the market place.

Timothy is committed to producing excellence, takes great pride in seeing the success of our clients and has surrounded himself with highly skilled team members in their perspective fields. He continues to increase his knowledge in the area of business management and marketing principles for today’s market to be most effective as the President and CEO of Direct Communications Group, LLC.

Build And Sustain Effective Lines Of Communication

Foster strong and lasting business relationships using our services.