Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

There is one common trait most successful companies and organizations have in common – an effective line of communication with their customers and members.

Permission Based email marketing is a very effective tool for reaching through that clutter and communicating with your target audience. A properly executed email marketing campaign can lead to greater brand awareness, increased sales, and greater customer loyalty.

The key is identifying what your audience desires, and then developing a plan to give it to them.

Businesses today are looking for cost-effective ways to develop and foster long term relationships with their audience. Direct Communications Group, LLC understands that a well-planned email marketing campaign is the ticket to fostering that type of relationship.

We’ll develop your message in terms that speak directly to the needs of your customers or members. We’ll present the information to verbally and graphically engage your audience in the relationship and you’ll see success. The tools for effective customer communication are here and you’re only a telephone call away from our services.

How Does Our Email Marketing Work?

With our Email Marketing programs we help keep customers and members of your organization well informed.  We create attractive, professional-looking email communications, promotions and online surveys to remain in constant contact with customers and build strong customer relationships. Our services are better and more effective than regular email.

Increase & enhance customer communications

We create and Email newsletters that are attractive and informative. Because our programs are cost effective, we can send more communications for less. With Email marketing we put you in your customers’ inboxes more accurately than regular email avoiding spam filters meaning your communications will actually be seen; we keep your name on their brain.

Increase the talk around town about you

Our Email newsletters and discount promotions are easy to forward to other people. This will allow your customers to give their friends the information about your business or organization very easily. We’ll even make it easy for those prospects to sign up for your newsletters and promotions with our “Join My Mailing List” button on your web site. Through regular communication, we turn interested prospects into additional loyal customers.

We generate a higher response and action

We schedule email delivery for when your audience is most likely to check email, so we increase the likelihood they’ll read it and take action.

We track who reads and responds

We can track who opens the emails, who forwarded them to friends, and even who we need to resend to. We can also run reports and see who clicked on which links the emails, enabling us to better understand what customers are interested in and more importantly, what they are not interested in and then tailor the communication or promotion to get the best response and generate more business.

Save on paper and postage

Our Email Marketing programs are affordable for any small business or organization’s budget. We can send as many permission-based email communications as you desire. There’s nothing to print, no stamps to buy, no envelopes to stuff, and no paper cuts.

Build And Sustain Effective Lines Of Communication

Foster strong and lasting business relationships using our services.